1:400 Model Aircraft

Here you can get more information about my 1:400 Scale Model Aircraft Collection.

YouTube Video
You can see a video of my collection on my YouTube Channel (MCPCShowcaseHD) here.

Collection Information
  • All of the models in my collection are Die-Cast 1:400 scale models from Gemini Jets and Phoenix Model except for just one Herpa Model.
  • I source my models from a number of outlets based around the world. You can find the best ones for you by doing a Google Search online.
  • The models range in price from £15 - £60 (excluding Shipping costs if applicable).
  • None of the models have had to be self-assembled.
  • As of October 2011 my collection totals 93 models.
  • My favourite model is the Qantas A380 from Gemini Jets followed very closely by the Boeing 747-8I Demonstrator in Sunrise Livery from Phoenix Model.
  • Some models are considered 'Fantasy Models'. This means that they are not based on real life aircraft/livery combinations or have been released before such aircraft/livery combinations exist. These fantasy models often contain obvious errors.
  • Please note that none of my models are for sale (please don't ask).
 Where can I buy?

There are dozens of places you can buy these models from on the internet. I can only tell you the sites I buy from.

I have bought models from the following sites online:
I have also bought models from the Aviation Shop at Manchester Airports Aviation Viewing Park.