Friday, 18 May 2012

British Airways First A380

British Airways first Airbus A380 (MSN 095) is currently in production and is expected to be delivered to the airline in Q2 2013 as G-XLEA. The aircraft will be the first A380 to call the UK her home and will serve the airlines 'well known routes'.

The A380's configuration and route network have yet to be fully unveiled, something I'm sure we'll hear more about as and when we get nearer the delivery date.

One question I'm eager to have answered is whether or not British Airways will continue to use their current 'Chatham Historic Dockyards' Livery or go for a completely new look. The airline will be expecting their first Boeing 787 around the same time too.

What are your thoughts?

A320 British Airways
BA Chatham Dockyards Tail (Photo Credit: curimedia)


  1. Well, I'm not particularly 'arty' in any way, but I really do like the present 'Chatham historic Dockyards' scheme.
    I think BA should continue with this scheme with the introduction of the A380 & B787 as I think it presents the BA image in a very powerful way.
    I would hate BA to go back to a more 'international' scheme such as the previous 'Landor Associates' scheme.
    Certainly, it would be appropriate to continue with the occasional 'special' scheme such as the current 'Firefly' scheme.

    1. I have to agree with you. The only thing I don't like about the current BA livery is the blue belly. I would prefer the blue to be repainted white (similar to Concorde's all white fuselage) or grey (similar to the BA Open Skies livery). I think the dark blue is just a bit too dark and dull.

  2. Well I think they should revert all their aircraft to the late 1980's Landor Livery. That is the true BA colour scheme in my eyes.

    1. I was never keen on the Landor Livery. I suppose at the time it fit well but it looks old fashioned to me now.

  3. I like chatham flag, and believe BA will stay with it for the new fleet, but I too would love to see a return to Landor. It looked professional, and I love the coat of arms on the tail.

    Was it Thatcher that put a handkerchief over the pail of a model in downing street of the new livery? She said it wasnt BA without the coat of arns. I agree!