Thursday, 14 June 2012

British Airways Launches New Subsidiary

British Airways is launching a new subsidiary called British Airways Limited.

British Airways Limited will operate BA's premium transatlantic A318's (under a wet lease agreement with BA) between London City and New York. It will have its own air operators certificate and has sought clearance to codeshare these flights with Oneworld partners Iberia and American Airlines.

British Airways has already informed the US Department of Transportation that it's A318's will be removed from its own air operators certificate and transferred to that of British Airways Limited.

This move by BA is thought to be linked to future financing, however BA has been reluctant to discuss its decision beyond saying that "We are in the process of exploring a variety of options related to potential new sources of finance!"

The A318's used on the service seat up to 32 people and land in Shannon, Ireland en route to New York City for refuelling and for passengers to clear US Immigration.

The name British Airways Limited was last used by a company founded in the 1930's. It eventually merged into British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).

Club World | London City
BA A318 (Photo Credit: elBartoFromCBR)

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