Monday, 4 June 2012

Vulcan Bomber Suffers Major Engine Failures

On Monday 28 May 2012, the only flying example of the Vulcan Bomber, XH558 suffered a major engine failure whilst attempting to take off at Doncaster Airport.

Both engines #1 and #2 (Port Side Engines) were destroyed beyond repair in the accident which forced the Vulcan Bomber to abandon its take off roll. It was later found that two large Silicon bags, used to soak up moisture and keep the engines dry whilst the aircraft is in storage, had been ingested into the engines. An investigation is under way.

A Vulcan to the Sky newsletter confirms that work is now underway to remove the two destroyed engines which will be replaced.

It is uncertain when the Vulcan will return to the sky at this time.

A video showing the incident can be found here.

Video of the Vulcan Bomber by MCPCShowcaseHD

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